Meet the Kepler’s

20 Jan

IMG_5026copy IMG_5004 IMG_4994 IMG_4985 IMG_4978 IMG_4938 IMG_4917 IMG_4910 IMG_4833 IMG_4843 IMG_4849 IMG_4853 IMG_4882 IMG_4892 IMG_4906 IMG_4814 IMG_4753 IMG_4749copy IMG_4749 IMG_4745 IMG_4685 IMG_4658 IMG_4639 IMG_4635 IMG_4627 IMG_4610 IMG_4571 IMG_4348 IMG_4336 IMG_4332 IMG_4315 IMG_4312 IMG_4308copy IMG_4305 IMG_4304 IMG_4299 IMG_4287 IMG_4276 IMG_4171 IMG_4152 IMG_4137 IMG_4129 IMG_4123 IMG_4109 IMG_4104 IMG_4085 IMG_4072 IMG_3960 IMG_3943 IMG_3940 IMG_3935 2

Jackson Wedding in Lake Tahoe

19 Jan

Jackson_0848copy Jackson_0874copy Jackson_0886 Jackson_0934 Jackson_0981 Jackson_0997 Jackson_1028 Jackson_1032 Jackson_1053 Jackson_1128 Jackson_1137 Jackson_1285 Jackson_1296

Mark and Natanya

19 Jan

Wedding_1021 Wedding_1022 Wedding_1023 Wedding_0134 Wedding_0138 Wedding_0147copy Wedding_0324

Suki and Jerome

8 Dec

IMG_3710 Suki_01 Suki_02 Suki_03 Suki_04 Suki_06 Suki_07 Suki_08 Suki_09 Suki_10 Suki_11 Suki_12 Suki_13 Suki_14 Suki_15 Suki_16 Suki_17 Suki_18 Suki_19 Suki_20 Suki_21 Suki_22 Suki_23 Suki_24 Suki_25 Suki_26 Suki_27 Suki_28 Suki_29 Suki_05

The beautiful Rachele!

6 Nov

IMG_4542_0714.CR2 IMG_4581_0753.CR2 copy IMG_4620_0792.CR2 IMG_4652_0824.CR2 IMG_4658_0830.CR2 IMG_4669_0841.CR2 IMG_4676_0848.CR2 IMG_4679_0851.CR2 IMG_4683_0855.CR2 IMG_4695_0867.CR2 IMG_4816_0136.CR2 IMG_4818_0139.CR2

The Ducote wedding at the beautiful Cal-a-Vie

24 Oct

Chapman and Kristen_389 Chapman and Kristen_589 Chapman and Kristen_600 Chapman and Kristen_688Chapman and Kristen_099Chapman and Kristen_124 Chapman and Kristen_243Ducote_0023c.jpg Ducote_0044a.jpg Ducote_0202b.jpg Ducote_0211a.jpg Ducote_0279b.jpg Ducote_0294a.jpg Ducote_0303.JPG Ducote_0344b.jpg Ducote_0351db.jpg Ducote_0971b.jpg Ducote0003.JPG Ducote0006.JPG Ducote0015.JPG Ducote0050.jpg Ducote0093.JPG Ducote0429.JPG Ducote0672.JPG

Heather and Jeff’s Wedding in Palm Desert

23 Oct

IMG_5188 IMG_5221 IMG_5231 IMG_5245 IMG_5258 IMG_5329 IMG_5392 IMG_5471copy IMG_5510copy IMG_5565

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